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Welcome to Realmquest

What is Realmquest, you may ask?

RealmQuest is the story of six heroes who travel in the spaces between worlds in search of adventure, danger and a decent mug of ale. It's about doing good, about having fun, and about standing up when you need to. Mostly, though, it's about loyalty; about sticking by your friends even when they are crazy and totally obnoxious.

This site is an integral part of experience of RealmQuest. Check out the Character section to get a brief overview of each of the main characters. Visit the pages entitled Lore and Geograpy to read more about the world of RealmQuest and its history. There will be some terrific surprises turning up there very soon.

Oh, and visit the comics section as well to read the continuing adventures of the RealmQuest team. Duh!

The site is a work in progress and there will be a lot of additions coming up in the next few days, weeks and months. Updates to the site will be posted on the twitter feed appearing to the right of the page.

Thank you, and enjoy...

Realmquest and The Realmquest Logo are © Scott Morse

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